International Senior Lawyers Project
Serving the World Community

The Materials on This Web Site

Materials on this site have been furnished by numerous donors including large and small law firms and the American Bar Association and its many Divisions and Sections. They are not intended to be used without revisions to each individual set of facts and the local law. Hopefully they will serve as a guide to various areas of commercial law for future reference.

Anticipated Outcomes

It is anticipated that the participants in the program will be better prepared to represent their commercial clients, whether small or large businesses, and consequently be more successful in their law practices. They will be exposed during the course of the instruction to both the broad perspective that experienced lawyers can offer and practical issues related to different commercial law subjects, including, for example, types of business organizations, drafting and negotiating contracts, tax consequences of various activities, international transaction issues, dispute resolution alternatives and procedures, and a number of other subjects. The American instructors hope to establish ongoing mentoring relationships with some or all of the students. They will be available to provide consultation and advice, on a pro bono basis, via the Internet and other means of telecommunication.

Successful business lawyers are often leaders in many ways, including in government service, working with civic organizations and promoting access to justice through pro bono work and support for legal services programs. In the longer term, the success of lawyers will be crucial to participation in the economic, political and civic life of your country.